about us:

The story of Kutikai is a tale of friends whose worlds turn upside down with the arrival of children.
A bit of urban life mixed with the country living.
It’s about children’s creativity observed in a conscious way.
A story full of details – the more subtle and delicate the better at winning the hearts and interest of the youngest ones.
And finally – it is a story of professional experience in architecture applied to design and personal attention paid to the slightest detail.
It unfolds through sketches, drawings, prototypes and final forms that attempt to reach harmony between simplicity and creativity.
Kutikai is a brand we put our heart into it.

New ideas come to us unexpectedly – while playing with our children or during mum’s full-time day-to-day activities.

Once we come up with an idea it is then instantly turned into preliminary drawings.
Essentially, the production of a prototype consists of selecting materials suitable for children and choosing a safe technology.

All furniture is covered with organic varnishes recommended for toys and children’s furniture and made in a family carpenter shop. This allows us to take care of every detail and make it exactly as we have devised it in the conceptual stage. This is where we test and modify the prototypes as they are manufactured to make all the necessary adjustments.

Bedding and textiles are an inseparable part of children’s room. We have created a range of accessories to complement the Roof Collection and the Peekaboo Collection. Choose from among our subtle colours (white, grey and graphite) to make a relaxing background to a world of imagination that is bursting with colours.


Inspired by children’s creativity and desire to explore the world.

Kutikai imagine

Kutikai believes that a child’s imagination has no limits – it is the promised land of fun. A place where kids do everything and are whoever they are.
With all the super powers at the tip of your finger. Imagine…
Kutikai furniture is designed to combine functionality with a twist that unleashes creativity and imagination.

The origin of the Kutikai

Our furniture is created with respect for nature and ecology, produced in a small family carpentry shop in Poland.
We offer the highest quality wooden furniture with a simple, minimalist design. Each piece is made with love and meticulous in every detail.
In Tamil, the word “kutikai” means a safe home, shelter.

Kutikai designers

Kutikai is created and produced by moms, a group of people who value perfect design, durability and comfort:

“It is most inspiring to watch our children play and discover the world around us. We wanted to create furniture that is safe, ecological and beautifully designed, but also gives children freedom and creativity. We believe that less is more. ”
“Being a mother is just as important when working on our furniture. For example, our toddler beds are slightly wider than average because we know parents read before falling asleep and need extra space for comfort. ”

Two collections – two worlds

Kutikai offers two collections of children’s furniture, from cots and toddler beds, to chests of drawers, changing tables, shelves, wardrobes and desks.
Both collections have secret, surprising elements that, in addition to the characteristic design, will put a smile on your face.

Peekaboo collection

The Peekaboo collection is a combination of a minimalist form with a fun and functional element.
The little buttonhole acts as a handle that encourages independence but also stimulates curiosity and imagination. What’s on the other side? Peekaboo!

Roof collection

The Roof collection will transform any room into a playground – the drawing desk can be a playhouse or a secret hideout.
A bed with a roof turns into a pirate ship or a castle in no time! The natural color of birch plywood is a subtle background for living and playing.

Complementary accessories

The Kutikai furniture lines are complete with
a selection of accessories from bedding to shell-shaped play mats made of 100% linen in natural colors (white, beige and gray).
All accessories reflect Kutikai’s core values: imagination, nature and a simple yet beautiful design.