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What colors for the children’s room? 2021 Trends

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Although your bedroom or living room is unlikely to walk on the catwalks at a fashion week, it does not mean that fashion is not in force in the interior design industry. What about the children’s room? Well, there’s no reason why your baby shouldn’t have a trendy interior. Therefore, if you are arranging a room for a child and you do not know what colors to choose, be inspired by the latest ideas of designers in the interior design industry. What colors are the most fashionable in 2021? We’ll tell you right away.

Fashionable and comfortable room for a child

When arranging a children’s room, always take into account safety and comfort. This is important especially when choosing equipment. However, before the furniture and toys appear in the room, the walls must be painted. And here comes the problem – how to choose the only one among all the available colors? You can help yourself by reading the color psychology publications, but you can also see what colors are fashionable in 2021. Who knows, maybe you will like one of them?

What is the color of 2021?

The color of the year has been chosen by the American printing company Pantone since 1999. The announcement of the color of the year, although clearly lined with self-promotion, is an event that many interior design manufacturers are eagerly awaiting every year. The choice of the color of the year is of course discretionary, but it cannot be denied that Pantone hits the jackpot almost every time.

For 2021, not one, but two colors has been proposed! The choice of these colors is quite surprising, because at first glance they do not match each other at all. What are the colors?

  • Illuminating Yellow – that is strong, energetic, sunny yellow – puts you in a good mood and encourages you to act.
  • Ultimate Grey – gray in its purest form. Not too dark, not too bright – it gives a sense of stability.

According to Pantone, these two colors refer to the events that happened almost all over the world last year. Extensive descriptions suggest that the gray symbolizes the ability to survive in difficult times, stability and strength, while yellow gives hope for a better tomorrow. Is it really so? It’s hard to say, but both gray and yellow are great colors to use when arranging a children’s room.

Colors for the children’s room – yellow and gray

Both shades of gray and yellow look great on the walls of a child’s room. Or maybe you prefer to use them when choosing accessories? Gray will be perfect for interiors with vivid colors, while yellow will wonderfully brighten up a children’s room in subdued colors. You can also combine gray and yellow, using both colors in one interior – this is how you can create a truly original room for a child.

However, how to choose furniture suitable for such colors? Well, in this case, choose light wood furniture. you can also use white ones that match most interiors. We offer furniture from the Peekaboo and Roof collections – they look great in a child’s room, are safe to use and are very popular with children of all ages. Yes, those grown up too 😉

A children’s room should be full of colors

And it doesn’t matter if they are fashionable or not. The room is to please your child and you, not the visual merchandising specialists. If you and your child have an idea for a children’s room, implement it without paying attention to the latest trends. Perhaps after some time you will get bored of this decor. But you know what? You can always decorate the room from scratch. We provide advice (e.g. in this article 😊)!

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