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Spring in a child’s room

By March 15, 2021 No Comments

The sun is scorching outside the window, snowdrops are breaking through the melting snow, and you are complaining about the kilograms of mud that your amused children bring home every day? This is a sure sign that spring is coming! And since spring, it’s time for spring cleaning. And maybe some slight refreshment of the rooms? Start with the children’s room – let your little one enjoy the breath of spring in their own corner.

Is it worth renovating a children’s room in the spring?

Although you can complain about the ubiquitous mud and remnants of snow dripping from the roofs, there is no more enjoyable season than early spring! The world is slowly coming to life, which makes your head full of ideas. Spring weather is conducive to changes – renovation is much more pleasant when you can keep the windows wide open. No risk of freezing while applying another coat of paint to the wall.

Of course, the children’s room is the best to renovate. Nowhere else can you afford to have such fun with colors. In addition, choosing furniture and accessories for a child’s room often brings back fond memories from childhood. That is why, if you are planning a spring renovation, rearrangement, or even painting the walls – start with the child’s room.

Spring cleaning in the child’s room

In order for the room to prevail a tidiness and the spring renovation to start, you need to be well prepared.

  • First, shoulder to shoulder with your child, organize children’s clothes. Think about which ones are still good and which are worth giving away or throwing away.
  • Encourage your child to sort the toys – maybe there are some that they don’t like anymore?
  • Look with a critical eye on the room – isn’t the bedspread sometimes frayed? Did the carpet lose the clash with children’s scissors?
  • Pay attention to the walls. If they are stained, it’s time to repaint them.
  • After arranging your belongings, put them into lockers or take them out to another room.
  • Furniture that will remain in the room should be pushed to the center and protected with foil.

What color of the walls in the child’s room?

Once you’ve cleaned your room and bury your belongings, it’s time to paint. Spring is fresh, pastel colors. Are you wondering about a color for a child’s room? Light, whitened green, blue, delicate yellow or pink will be ideal. You can also stick cheerful wallpapers on the walls, or paint yourself: flowers, fairy-tale characters or clouds. Also look for color inspiration in our article about the most fashionable colors in 2021.

After painting, think about how to arrange the furniture to make the best use of the space in the children’s room. Remember to keep three zones: rest, play and study. Take a look at the equipment – maybe it’s time to replace them? Sometimes a wardrobe or a chest of drawers has its best years behind it. Or maybe it’s the time when you need to buy a desk for your child? In such a situation, we invariably recommend a desk-house from the ROOF collection.

Spring accessories for a child’s room.

The best comes last. After painting and furnishing, you can choose accessories. And there are plenty of these! Colorful curtains, bed linen and carpet. A cheerful lamp shade, small items standing on the shelves – all this creates a unique, joyful style, perfect for spring. Do not hesitate to reach for accessories in cheerful, bright colors.

However, remember not to overdo it. Two or three leading colors are enough. Our propositions? Pastel blue, white and light birch wood. A few stronger accents, such as sapphire pillows or a yellow sun clock. Also add flowers – but remember to place them high enough to protect them from prying, children’s hands.

Everything is ready? It’s time for some spring fun!

Did we encourage you to make a spring metamorphosis? We hope so. You do not have to do a general renovation that requires large financial outlays. For a slight refreshment, all you need is paint and a few cheerful accessories. However, if you plan to decorate a children’s room from scratch, see our furniture from the ROOF and PEEKABOO collections. They are elegant, with an unusual design and have all safety approvals. And above all, they cause wide smiles on the faces of all children. Wardrobe, bed, chest of drawers, desk – see what we have in our offer!

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