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Wardrobe ROOF®

The design started with the chest of drawers which evolved into additional capacious space for children’s clothes. One of the upper segments is made of shelves, the other one hides a rack for hanging clothes. Below there is a handy open shelf for most used items. The chest comes with 4 unevenly arranged drawers (including one with a surprise opening).   *promo offer -10% valid until October 31, 2022

Playhouse desk ROOF®

The desk will delight the youngest with its double function - a minimalist piece of furniture can be quickly turned into an arena of all kinds of games. Thanks to the characteristic shape, a typical workplace becomes tame - it is associated mainly with safety, freedom of movement and fantasy. One of the few projects dedicated to the youngest that brings to mind the positive aspects of "being at home”  

*The price applies to a playhouse desk from the Roof Collection. Roof chairs can be ordered separately.

Let's Create the perfect set for your child.


Creative work requires convenient and practical solutions. The It table will comfortably accommodate four children who can enjoy drawing, painting or other creative tasks, especially since all the necessary accessories can be stored in the ingenious cord in the center. This spacious, closable compartment within the reach of children will help toddlers find all the pencils they need and keep things tidy and organized.

*The price applies to a table from the Peekaboo collection. Peekaboo chairs can be ordered separately.

Let's Create the perfect set for your child.


Bookcase PEEKABOO®

The simple and at the same time original form of the bookcase from the Peekaboo collection is practical and pretty. It is a place for books for children, which accompany our offspring from the early moments of life and are an integral part of their development, and larger volumes can be arranged both vertically and horizontally. The depth of the shelves changes, as does the shape, which clearly shows that the bookcase was created with imaginative children in mind.


The round shape of the chair and legs, and the hole in the seat are a reference to the main theme of the Peekaboo Collection. Thanks to the oval shape it is very comfortable for children to seat on. The hole in the seat makes it easy to move the chair from place to place and hang Kutikai crayon bags and other accessories on it.

Chair ROOF®

The very simple form of the chair from the Roof Collection has been designed in such a way that it won’t compete with the very remarkable shape of the Playhouse Desk. The seat has a milled hole that makes it easier for parents to move it from place to place, and the children can attach the pencils and crayons pouch to it.