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Toddler bed ROOF®

A larger bed gives you freedom and independence. The mattress is placed low, which allows the baby to easily get out of the cot. The bed was designed as a house with holes. It's not just a bed, it inspires you to play different games throughout the day. It could be a base or a palace. Children like to hide, and the shape of the house with limited walls provides a sense of security in a larger room.    

Wardrobe ROOF®

The design started with the chest of drawers which evolved into additional capacious space for children’s clothes. One of the upper segments is made of shelves, the other one hides a rack for hanging clothes. Below there is a handy open shelf for most used items. The chest comes with 4 unevenly arranged drawers (including one with a surprise opening).   *promo offer -10% valid until October 31, 2022