ROOF® Collection

The line with the leitmotif of the roof was created with the idea of not only encouraging learning and playing, but above all inspiring children's creativity. A combination of minimalist design, simple forms and geometric shapes. Highlighting the natural texture of the wood thanks to hand sanding of the plywood surface, resignation from unnecessary decorations for a number of useful solutions.

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 300.00 425.00
Double-sided developmental mattress dedicated to newborns and small children. Two usable sides, the latex liner is recommended to be turned over every few months. Foam side - hard, intended for newborns, latex side - medium hard.

Shelf ROOF®

Original price was: € 450.00.Current price is: € 405.00.
The shelf was designed so that the 3 elements can be freely combined or hung separately. Create your individual design on the wall and change whenever you want to change. The shelf is ideal for storing items that should always be within the reach of children. It can accommodate small toys, books and decorative elements of the decor.

Desk ROOF®

Original price was: € 1,350.00.Current price is: € 1,215.00.
Creative work requires convenient and practical solutions. The desk from the Peekaboo collection has been designed for older children and adults. Doing homework and work is much easier, especially since all the necessary accessories can be stored in the ingenious compartments. Dedicated cable openings help keep things tidy. Interesting drawer solutions provide not only practical but also aesthetic value.

Crib ROOF®

Original price was: € 1,950.00.Current price is: € 1,560.00.
The height of the cot allows you to comfortably place the baby in the cot without bending over. The height of the mattress is adjustable: the first level for newborns until the little one is lively and learns to roll over, the second level - for more active children to learn to sit down, the third level - when our little ones practice getting up until they become smart enough to try to get out out of the crib.

Crib with convertible bed set ROOF®

Original price was: € 2,150.00.Current price is: € 1,720.00.
The convertible bed set  in form of a house is supplementary to the crib and is especially designed for toddlers that have just discovered the sense of independence. The mattress is placed at the lowest level so that the toddler can get in and out of the bed unassisted. The bed is transformed very easily, just unscrew one side and mount the convertible set.

Chest of drawers ROOF®

Original price was: € 2,800.00.Current price is: € 2,240.00.
The style of the chest of drawers matches all other elements of the Roof Collection. It can be matched with the nappy changer It’s height is the same as the crib’s – to make it easier for the parents to take care of the child. Under the chest top there is a handy open shelf for most used items. The chest comes with 4 unevenly arranged drawers (including one with a surprise opening).    

Nappy changer ROOF®

Original price was: € 350.00.Current price is: € 280.00.
The first months after baby’s birth mean constant nursing and taking care of the baby’s skin. The Kutikai nappy changer has been devised especially for this period of a newborn’s life. It matches both the crib and chest of drawers and provides spacious and comfortable place both for the child and the parent. 

Toddler bed ROOF®

Original price was: € 2,200.00.Current price is: € 1,760.00.
A larger bed gives you freedom and independence. The mattress is placed low, which allows the baby to easily get out of the cot. The bed was designed as a house with holes. It's not just a bed, it inspires you to play different games throughout the day. It could be a base or a palace. Children like to hide, and the shape of the house with limited walls provides a sense of security in a larger room.    

Bookcase ROOF®

This bookcase is perfect for storing items that should always remain within children’s reach. The bottom part has 3 small handy drawers for frequently used items, above there are open shelves that vary in height: for small and bigger books, and toys. The size of the bookcase and the arrangement of the shelves have been designed especially for children’s convenience.

Wardrobe ROOF®

The design started with the chest of drawers which evolved into additional capacious space for children’s clothes. One of the upper segments is made of shelves, the other one hides a rack for hanging clothes. Below there is a handy open shelf for most used items. The chest comes with 4 unevenly arranged drawers (including one with a surprise opening).   *promo offer -10% valid until October 31, 2022

Playhouse desk ROOF®

The desk will delight the youngest with its double function - a minimalist piece of furniture can be quickly turned into an arena of all kinds of games. Thanks to the characteristic shape, a typical workplace becomes tame - it is associated mainly with safety, freedom of movement and fantasy. One of the few projects dedicated to the youngest that brings to mind the positive aspects of "being at home”  

*The price applies to a playhouse desk from the Roof Collection. Roof chairs can be ordered separately.

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Chair ROOF®

The very simple form of the chair from the Roof Collection has been designed in such a way that it won’t compete with the very remarkable shape of the Playhouse Desk. The seat has a milled hole that makes it easier for parents to move it from place to place, and the children can attach the pencils and crayons pouch to it.