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New Year’s Resolution? New arrangement of a room for a child!

Probably everyone at least once in his life set his New Year’s resolutions. You definitely too. The New Year is the perfect time for changes. It encourages people to leave old sorrows behind their backs and to move energetically towards the new. That is why gyms are full in January and dietary products disappear faster from store shelves. We, however, have a completely different idea for a New Year’s resolution. What? In 2021, we will arrange a new room for a child! Will you join us?

New children’s room for the New Year!

The decision to redecorate a child’s room is not only a great challenge for you, but also a great gift for your child. Children’s room is a place to play, learn and rest. It is important to choose the right children’s furniture and arrange the space so that the child feels comfortable and safe. After all, your own room is the place where your child spends the most time.

How to arrange a room for a child?

The children’s room should be arranged in such a way that your child feels good in it. Therefore, if you plan to repaint the walls, choose his favorite colors. Divide the room into clear zones: play, study and rest. If the room is small, use smart solutions for small spaces.

Also, remember to choose the size of children’s furniture appropriately. Children should have easy access to all the clothes, toys and other items they need. If he is able to take a T-shirt out of the closet or put books away on a shelf, he will learn to be independent faster.

What furniture for a child’s room?

Every, even the craziest arrangement, cannot do without some basic elements of the children’s room decor. Furniture that should definitely be in a children’s room is:

  • bed,
  • wardrobe,
  • desk,
  • chair.

A chest of drawers, a comfortable armchair, a bookcase or shelves on the walls and of course a lot of accessories will also be useful. With their help, even without a thorough renovation, you can completely change a child’s room.

Properly selected furniture will make a child’s room a wonderful dreamland. On the market you will find a lot of furniture for children that impress not only with functionality, but also with beautiful designs. Choose those that, apart from fulfilling their basic functions, will also support the child’s creativity and help develop their imagination.

Choose furniture for a child’s room from our ROOF collection if you appreciate fancy shapes and magic hiding places.  A bed with a hood, encourage for creative fun not only your child, but also you!  You can also choose a minimalist Peekaboo collection with a hint of mystery and design a cozy, comfortable interior in which your child will want to sit for hours! And if you are wondering which chest of drawers for a child to choose, check out our previous article.

A room for a child – safety comes first!

When arranging a children’s room, always remember to put safety first. Even the most beautiful piece of furniture can be an unpleasant disappointment, so check beforehand that the materials used in the production certainly do not pose a threat to your child.

Kutikai children’s furniture is handmade, in compliance with all safety standards. The materials used in the production are of the highest quality and have the necessary approvals. This furniture is solid, stable and easy to assemble at the same time. You can easily assemble them yourself at home.

No more boring furniture for your child!

Children’s room is supposed to be a place full of inspiration! Therefore, give up boring, repetitive patterns and bet on new ideas. Maybe it will be a bed with a hood? Or maybe a chest of drawers with a secret hole? Whatever you choose, your child will surely be satisfied with the makeover of the room. And you will have great satisfaction. That is why it is worth keeping the New Year’s resolutions!

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