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Linen bedding for a child – why is it worth choosing?

Is linen bedding a good choice for a children’s bedroom? Yes of course! Sleep has a huge impact on your baby’s health and well-being. When it wakes up refreshed, it can start a new day with a positive energy, but after a sleepless night it will be cranky, tired and irritable. That is why it is so important that the children’s bed is as comfortable as possible, starting with the mattress, through the quilt, pillows, and ending with the bedding. And here comes the natural, delicate linen!

Linen bedding – why is it popular?

Linen bedding has gained a lot in popularity in recent years. Perfect for children and adults, allergy sufferers and sensitive people – no wonder that it is currently number one on the market. Surely you are wondering why? The answer is simple. Linen materials are airy, natural and do not irritate the skin, and linen bedding is pleasant to the touch, visually attractive and has health-promoting properties

A brief history of linen

Linen is a natural fabric appreciated by people for hundreds of years. Moreover, according to historians and archaeologists, it is one of the oldest materials known to mankind. The first flax fibers were found in Georgia, in a prehistoric cave and although the date cannot be precisely determined, we know that they are about 35,000 years old! Don’t you think it’s a perfect proof of the durability of flax products?

But let’s get back to history. In Egypt, flax was used for mummification because, according to the beliefs of the local civilization, it symbolized purity and light. It was a luxury commodity, unavailable to the common people and the poor, and at the same time sought after by the upper, wealthy social classes. In Europe, it gained popularity thanks to Ireland – this is where the European cradle of linen fabric production is located.

Currently, linen is adored by clothing brands – especially those that focus on an elegant and comfortable style. Although the price of linen clothes and other textiles can be high, they compensate every penny with their quality, durability and the fact that they are so skin-friendly. However, the biggest advantage of linen is its health-promoting properties – and that is why linen bedding is a good choice for a children’s bedroom.

Linen bedding for your child – health-promoting properties

As already mentioned, linen bedding have a beneficial effect on health. Especially children feel great in bedding with linen covers, due to the delicate and sensitive skin of children. Linen does not cause allergies, does not contribute to the appearance of rashes and other irritations, therefore it is recommended especially for infants. You can be sure that artificial fabrics will never provide your child with such comfort as linen bedding.

What are the greatest benefits of linen?

  • It is a natural fabric,
  • does not cause skin irritation,
  • is hypoallergenic, airy, delicate and durable,
  • absorbs moisture,
  • keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter.

How to care for linen bedding?

Linen material does not have any special requirements, so it does not cause much trouble during care. It is enough to stick to a few simple rules and linen will last for many years. Do you need our tips? Here’s how to properly care for this type of fabric:

  1. Wash bed linen separately and pay attention to the colors when sorting.
  2. Always turn the linen pillowcases inside out.
  3. If you do not choose to hand wash, select a cycle designed for delicate fabrics in the washing machine. 
  4. The washing temperature should not exceed 40 ° C.
  5. To avoid the deformation of the material, do not wring it out.
  6. Use only mild detergents – too strong agents may weaken the fabric.
  7. After washing, shake off and hang the bedding.
  8. You can tumble dry linen, but you need to be especially careful. We recommend outdoor drying – on the balcony or in the garden.
  9. Avoid ironing. If you have to do this, iron moist items quickly and at high temperatures.

Linen bedding is the best choice for a children’s bedroom

Proper sleep is of great importance for the development of your child – thanks to it, it can regenerate his strength at night and play and learn during the day. We want every child to receive the comfort they deserve, so we decided to expand our range and offer linen bedding perfect for a child’s bedroom. Order pillowcases today and enjoy a healthy sleep for your child (and your own – when you sometimes fall asleep reading a bedtime book 😉).

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