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Interesting ideas for children, summer outdoors and at home

Summer is the perfect time to let kids unleash their creativity and spend time outdoors. The use of natural materials in games not only stimulates imagination, but also teaches and motivates children to take action. Get inspired by our examples, kids will be delighted.

Fun in the fresh air

Forest Mandalas

Take children for a walk in the forest and ask them to collect a variety of natural materials such as leaves, twigs, stones, flowers and pinecones. In an open space, create mandalas together by arranging the collected elements into symmetrical patterns. It is also a great opportunity to talk about nature and harmony in the natural world.

Pictures from Stones

Go to the beach or to the river and look for flat stones of various shapes and sizes. After returning home, children can paint stones with paints, creating various pictures or patterns. They can be animals, landscapes or abstract patterns – it all depends on their imagination. Such fun develops manual skills and hand-eye coordination, encourages creative expression, and teaches patience and precision.

Natural Musical Instruments

Encourage children to create their own musical instruments from materials found in nature. These may be maracas made of small stones, drums made of hollow tree trunks, or tambourines made of shells strung on strings. Then organize a small outdoor concert.
You will see how creative kids are and discover their musical abilities. This game also teaches the variety of sounds and rhythms in nature.

Houses for insects

Build an insect hotel with your children from natural materials such as wood, pine cones, straw and clay. Choose a suitable place in the garden and let the children create a structure that will provide shelter for beneficial insects such as bees and ladybugs.
This fantastic fun brings a number of benefits. It teaches children about the role of insects in the ecosystem and encourages them to care for the environment. It teaches empathy and respect for every being.

Art from Sand

On the beach, children can create sand sculptures, from castles to more complex figures. Encourage them to use shells, pebbles and sticks as additional decorative elements. You can organize a competition for the most beautiful sculpture or create one large work together.
Another example of how much natural games develop imagination. It also teaches cooperation and teamwork.

But what if the weather is not favorable? it is worth organizing interesting and creative games at home. Here are some inspiring ideas for fun at home during bad weather outside.
Fun at home

Fashion Show with Kutikai Peekaboo Wardrobe
Organize a fashion show using the Kutikai Peekaboo wardrobe, which, thanks to its unique design, is perfect for storing and presenting children’s clothes. Let the children dress up in different outfits and organize a small fashion show. You can add theatrical elements to it, such as describing outfits, pretending to be models on the runway, and taking photos.
Develops imagination and acting skills.
It teaches children self-confidence and presentation skills.
Invite a friend to join you to have fun and laugh together.

Playing House

Roof Kutikai playhouse is the perfect place to play house. This is probably the most famous game in which children imitate family life.
Children can imagine that they are in their own little house, having fun cooking, cleaning or entertaining guests. You can add educational elements to it, such as learning simple household chores or taking care of “baby” dolls.

Develops social and emotional skills.
It teaches responsibility and independence.
Encourages role-playing and develops imagination.

Camping in Peace

If the weather outside does not allow you to organize a trip to the lake or the forest, nothing is lost!
Organize a home camping trip using the Roof Kutikai cabin bed. You can build a tent with blankets and pillows, prepare flashlights and have a small picnic with snacks. Telling stories around a “bonfire” made of colored paper or acting out scenes from camping life will add realism to the game.
It is also a great solution for a child who is afraid of the first “real” camping trip. Learning the rules and functioning in a small space in a tent.
It teaches children teamwork and cooperation.
It provides great fun in a safe home environment.

Each of these games not only engages children, but also teaches them valuable skills and values, while allowing them to spend their time creatively.
We encourage you to spend time actively with children, it is the perfect time to get to know your children. It is worth following the example of their unforced joy, energy and endless imagination. At the same time, we adults convey values ​​to them and promote an ecological and sustainable approach to play.
We are waiting for your opinion or sharing proven games for children that you use.

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