This range of furniture combines functionality with a twist of surprise - a small roof and a treasure-chest drawer are the main motives. Altogether it is a collection of robust furniture devised primarily to be eco-friendly, safe for children and comfortable for parents
  • Functional and safe
  • Stimulates the child's imagination
  • Stable structure and solid workmanship
  • Inspires children's creativity
  • Good organization of storage space
  • Brings a smile to a child’s face
This range of furniture is simple in form with one distinctive feature - a hole which is both functional - as a handle, and inspiring - it's a peephole children can play with. It's also the defining element of design.
  • Minimalistic forms
  • Designed with children in mind
  • Simple form and subtle detail
  • High-quality materials
  • Stimulates the child's curiosity
  • Lots of storage space
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