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Cleaning – annoying duty or fun together?

Did you know that from an early age a child has a strong need to own something?

Even three-year-olds need their own objects, space and their own furniture – and they want to decide what goes on in their tiny kingdom. Another important need in a child is not without significance – i.e. independence. Surely you have heard from your child the words: “Myself!”. And just as you can easily teach your child to eat on his own, even though it usually ends up in a pretty mess in the kitchen, you can also let your own clean up in the room. What if it ends up in weird chaos? Well, Rome wasn’t built in a day

When to start? Already a two-year-old who can walk could learn to put things back and clean up his toys. Approach it as fun and you will make cleaning pure entertainment. And how about the time spent together? This is a value that cannot be overestimated.

A place for all treasures


The first step should be to purchase a suitable children’s bookcase. It is important that it is adapted to the child’s height, aesthetic and safe. This is what our furniture is like.

You will surely like the bookcase from the ROOF collection, which is light in its form. Or maybe you would prefer the crazy PEEKABOO bookcase? Check them out and see with your imagination how wonderfully they complement the space in the children’s room.

Both shelves are made of the highest quality materials in an ecological way, have safety certificates and are simply beautiful! Each of them will suit a modern children’s room.

Your child’s first decisions


When there is a bookcase in the room, start learning to clean up.

Make tidying the room an exciting challenge for your child. Will the entire collection of colorful books fit on the top shelf? Or maybe it’s better to put them downstairs? Which shelf will be the best for holiday souvenirs? Make these decisions together, but be sure to give your child the freedom to express his opinion. Let him know that he can make his own choices – even if it means that the figurine will stand sideways on the shelf and the teddy bears will be pushed to the very back.

There will also be room for a greeting card from grandparents or a snowball brought from the first holiday. Books do not have to be arranged according to size or colors – it is important that after the game is over, they go to the shelf, not to the floor.

An organized, neat space in a children’s room is necessary. But that doesn’t mean it has to be boring! Regardless of whether you choose the ROOF bookcase or the PEEKABOO bookcase, you can be sure that it will appeal not only to you, but also to your child.

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