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childhood is about development, learning, but above all, laughter and fun.

Roof Toddler bed from Kutikai: The perfect base for children to play

Childhood is a special time full of joy, discoveries and carefree smiles. There is nothing more valuable to our children than moments spent playing and learning. Therefore, when choosing furniture for their room, it is worth choosing solutions that will not only fulfill practical functions, but also create a space conducive to creativity and joyful moments. One of such pieces of furniture is the Roof bed from Kutikai, which turns out to be an excellent base for playing with our youngest children.

Spacious Design

The Roof Toddler bed from Kutikai is not just a bed, it is a real space for playing. Its construction is solid and at the same time spacious, which allows for free space to play with friends or siblings. The canopy and windows add charm and allow for easy access to play.

Unique Details

Kutikai always places emphasis on the exceptional details that make their furniture unique. The Roof Toddler bed is no exception. The natural wood from which it is made gives it a warm and cozy character. Its simple form makes it suitable for any interior. Side walls with windows add charm and at the same time ensure the child’s safety while sleeping and playing.

Creativity at the highest level

The Toddler bed is not only a place to sleep, it is also a stage for the development of a child’s imagination and creativity. We can organize a charming dollhouse, create a tent using a blanket or simply arrange a place where our child can play with their favorite toys. Thanks to this space, our children will be able to create their own worlds and experience unforgettable adventures.


The Toddler bed  Roof Collection from Kutikai is an extraordinary piece of furniture that becomes an excellent base for children’s games. Its spacious design, solid workmanship and unique details allow us to develop our children’s imagination and creativity. It’s not just a bed, it’s a magical space where laughter and fun take priority. Let’s give our children the best gift – space for discovery and carefree joy provided by the Roof bed from Kutikai.

Kutikai – For Children, with Love
Kutikai is a company that has won the hearts of parents around the world with its approach to designing children’s furniture. Each of their products is a combination of elegance, functionality and safety. The Roof bed is one of those unique creations that not only serves as a place to sleep, but also becomes a center of play and discovery.

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