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Baby room: beautiful and functional? see how to combine it…

Creating a children’s room that is as beautiful as it is functional: Check out our solutions and ecological furniture for You and Your baby.

As a parent, you want to create a beautiful and functional room for your child. Are you looking for inspiration for a space that is comfortable, safe and reflects your style. With the right furniture and details, you can create a children’s room that is both practical and aesthetic.
In this article, we’ll take a look at some eco-friendly baby room fixtures, focusing on the most important pieces of furniture: the crib, chest of drawers and changing table.


The importance of ecological furniture in a children’s room

Before we delve into the specifics of children’s furniture, it is worth considering why ecology matters. First of all, ecological furniture is better for the environment. By choosing sustainable materials and manufacturing processes, you can reduce your carbon footprint and help conserve natural resources. But that’s not the only benefit: eco-friendly furniture is also better for your baby’s health. Traditional furniture can contain harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde and flame retardants that can give off gases and affect indoor air quality. By choosing environmentally friendly plywood furniture, you can create a safer and healthier space for your little one.

The cot is the most important piece of furniture in a child’s room. It should be a safe and comfortable place for both the parent and the child. It is important to choose a safe and stylish option. When it comes to eco-friendly beds, there are a few things to consider. Look for cribs made of durable materials, such as good-quality plywood. The bed should consist of solid elements, the safety of the toddler is the most important thing here. Avoid cribs with toxic finishes or glues and opt for non-toxic paints or stains instead. The bed should be stable and durable. It is also worth paying attention to items such as a mattress and bedding. They should be made of good quality natural materials that have anti-allergic properties, are airy and durable.

In addition to safety and durability, when choosing a crib, it is worth to be guided by style. It is worth choosing a natural straight option with clean lines. (Crib Roof Collection or Crib Peekaboo Collection) A cot should be the basis for arranging further elements of a child’s space. An additional advantage is the cots that can be transformed. (Crib Roof with convertible set  or Crib Peekaboo with safety rail) Thanks to this, the cot will serve your child for several years. Choose the right option that suits your aesthetic and practical needs.

Chest of drawers: storage that grows with your child

The chest of drawers is another important element of the children’s room equipment. Not only does it provide valuable storage space for clothes and diapers, but it can also be used as a changing table if you add a changing table on top. When choosing a chest of drawers, look for one that is made of durable materials, such as good quality plywood. It is also worth considering the size and number of drawers, as well as the style of the furniture. The chest of drawers with a simple design and clean lines will work in different styles of a children’s room. (chest of drawers Roof Collection  or chest of drawers  Peekaboo Collection)

Nappy Changer: a functional and durable accessory that facilitates the daily care of a newborn

Nappy changer is a place where you will spend a lot of time with your child, so it is important to choose one that will be comfortable, functional and durable. Nappy Changer is a great option for environmentally conscious parents. Made of durable materials and free of harmful chemicals, this changing table is designed to grow with your baby. An excellent option is the ability to move the changing table where it will be convenient for you. Changing tables from both the Roof and Peekaboo collections can be conveniently placed on a cot or dresser. (Nappy changer Roof or Nappy changer Peekaboo )

*Remember that choosing good quality Eco-friendly and durable furniture is better for the environment and your child’s health. By choosing sustainable materials and manufacturing processes, you can reduce your carbon footprint and create a safer and healthier space for your little one.

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