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Autumn airing out the wardrobe

Autumn is the time to switch from delicate summer clothes to slightly heavier ones with different colors. We are preparing for the coming winter. This is also the perfect time to take up a task that we often put aside – airing our wardrobes and spaces. If you own furniture from Kutikai, you know that we care not only about functionality, but also about aesthetics and harmony in your home. Therefore, it is worth making sure that your interiors reflect the beauty of nature and peace, symbolized by autumn.

Airing out wardrobes
Before you start the process of airing your wardrobes and drawers, start with proper preparation. Remove clothes and items you no longer need. If it’s a piece of clothing that you haven’t worn for a long time but is still in good condition, you might consider donating it to charities or upcycling it into new items. Remember that the wardrobes from the Roof and Peekaboo Collections are very spacious, so they can easily accommodate clothes that will be ready for the summer season.

Cleanliness on the outside and inside
Now that you’ve cleared out your closets, focus on keeping them clean. Using a soft cloth and mild detergent, clean the surface of the cabinet and the interior shelves and drawers. Try to thoroughly clean every nook and cranny to remove dust and possible dirt. Kutikai cabinets are protected with ecological varnish, so you can simply wipe them with a damp cloth to keep them clean.

Space Organization
After cleaning the wardrobe, it will be time to organize the space. Kutikai offers functional furniture that makes storing things easier. Use it! Everything should have its place. You can use baskets, organizers or other accessories to help keep everything organized. The number of compartments, spacious drawers and a hanger bar will greatly help in planning storage.

Seasonal Storage
In autumn, many clothes and accessories become unnecessary in the coming months. Take the opportunity to put your summer outfits aside and make room for sweaters, jackets and scarves. Wardrobes from Kutikai allow you to flexibly adapt the space to your needs.
Autumn is the time when nature gives us amazing colors and peace. Your Kutikai wardrobes can reflect this harmony. Add some fall accents like wooden hangers or decorative boxes. These are subtle changes that will bring a pleasant atmosphere to your interior.

Clothes Party with a Friend
So now that your wardrobes are ready to welcome fall, why not make it a special occasion? Invite a friend to a clothes party! It’s great fun during which you can exchange clothes, give each other style advice and create new combinations.
Prepare snacks and your favorite drinks, and create a friendly atmosphere around your wardrobes. Search your wardrobes, try different combinations, put on a fashion show.
It’s not only an opportunity to find new styles, but also to have great fun with a friend.
Autumn afternoons don’t have to be boring, even during autumn cleaning.

To sum up, autumn airing of Kutikai wardrobes is not only a way to keep things tidy, but also an opportunity to create beautiful, functional spaces that reflect the peace and harmony of the autumn season. Take care of your wardrobes the same way you take care of your interior, and you will gain not only a tidy space, but also satisfaction and a sense of peace.

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