Cleaning – annoying duty or fun together?

Did you know that from an early age a child has a strong need to own something?

Even three-year-olds need their own objects, space and their own furniture – and they want to decide what goes on in their tiny kingdom. Another important need in a child is not without significance – i.e. independence. Surely you have heard from your child the words: “Myself!”. And just as you can easily teach your child to eat on his own, even though it usually ends up in a pretty mess in the kitchen, you can also let your own clean up in the room. What if it ends up in weird chaos? Well, Rome wasn’t built in a day

When to start? Already a two-year-old who can walk could learn to put things back and clean up his toys. Approach it as fun and you will make cleaning pure entertainment. And how about the time spent together? This is a value that cannot be overestimated.

A place for all treasures


The first step should be to purchase a suitable children’s bookcase. It is important that it is adapted to the child’s height, aesthetic and safe. This is what our furniture is like.

You will surely like the bookcase from the ROOF collection, which is light in its form. Or maybe you would prefer the crazy PEEKABOO bookcase? Check them out and see with your imagination how wonderfully they complement the space in the children’s room.

Both shelves are made of the highest quality materials in an ecological way, have safety certificates and are simply beautiful! Each of them will suit a modern children’s room.

Your child’s first decisions


When there is a bookcase in the room, start learning to clean up.

Make tidying the room an exciting challenge for your child. Will the entire collection of colorful books fit on the top shelf? Or maybe it’s better to put them downstairs? Which shelf will be the best for holiday souvenirs? Make these decisions together, but be sure to give your child the freedom to express his opinion. Let him know that he can make his own choices – even if it means that the figurine will stand sideways on the shelf and the teddy bears will be pushed to the very back.

There will also be room for a greeting card from grandparents or a snowball brought from the first holiday. Books do not have to be arranged according to size or colors – it is important that after the game is over, they go to the shelf, not to the floor.

An organized, neat space in a children’s room is necessary. But that doesn’t mean it has to be boring! Regardless of whether you choose the ROOF bookcase or the PEEKABOO bookcase, you can be sure that it will appeal not only to you, but also to your child.

What colors for wooden furniture?

Decorating kid’s room


Decorating a room is always a big challenge. Some people prefer to hire an experienced interior designer right away, but if you are reading this text, it means that you have decided to plan your space yourself. We know your hard work awaits, but you know what? The satisfaction will be great!

One of the first choices when designing an interior is its color scheme. Will they be bright, eclectic spaces? An elegant combination of white and black in a glamor style? Or maybe a blaze of colors and crazy fun with patterns? Today we will help you choose colors that can be combined with light, wooden furniture.

Light wood, for example birch, fits most interiors and colors, gives the effect of a fresh, peaceful space, brightens and warms the room.

It is used in interior design in various styles, including Scandinavian and Provencal

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Timeless white is always a good choice


Light wood and white are an absolutely classic combination.

In this way, you will create a bright and subtle interior. White walls, white varnishing on wooden furniture, and white accessories – this combination will give you a sense of freshness in modern interiors. Additionally, to insulate the room, choose textiles in delicate, light shades of beige or gray. You can also try a darker accent.

Gray – a universal color for any interior


Another color that is sure to go with birch wood furniture is gray.

It is an elegant color that has become a permanent feature of many apartments in recent times. A delicate, gray wall will emphasize the warm shade of wooden furniture.

Light and dark gray accessories, such as pillows or a carpet, will add coziness to the interior

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[image_with_animation image_url=”1560″ alignment=”” animation=”Fade In” border_radius=”none” box_shadow=”none” max_width=”100%”]
It is worth choosing colorful accessories in the children’s room. They fit perfectly with our furniture from the ROOF collection.

In the children’s room, choose color!

If you arrange a room for a child, choose cheerful colors.

Pastels go well with light wood – powder pink, light blue or subtle orange. You can also choose a subtle green, but be careful with shades of yellow – they can make wooden furniture and yellowish walls blend together. It will be a good idea to use neutral white or beige on most of the wall and emphasize the smaller part with color. Colorful accessories – pillows, rugs, containers for children’s treasures, cheerful graphics on the walls.

You can boldly combine several colors with each other, but remember about moderation. If you bet on a pink wall, choose neutral textiles in off-white, beige, gray.

If you dream of an expressive, colorful sofa, add soft colors to the walls that will be a perfect background. Or maybe you want to go crazy? Opt for a completely dark wall.

Against its background, bright wooden furniture will look exceptionally good, just like the wardrobe from our ROOF collection.

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The wardrobe from the ROOF collection looks great against a dark wall.

Do you already know what colors do you like best?

It’s time to choose the furniture. Take a look at our ROOF collection, all made of natural, birch plywood. A light, elegant form is perfect for a modern children’s room.

Use our photos to get a handful of inspiration.


Are you looking for more ideas? Soon on our blog we will show a complete metamorphosis of a children’s room.

oryginalne biurko dla przedszkolaka

Here comes school – and with it new adventures!

Wrzesień to miesiąc wyzwań, zarówno dla Ciebie – rodzica, jak i Twojego dziecka.

Niezależnie od tego, czy zaczynasz szkołę, czy przedszkole, ostatnie dni sierpnia wyraźnie zwiastują, że beztroskie wakacje się skończyły i nadchodzi czas obowiązków.

Ale czy to oznacza, że ​​musisz zrezygnować z szalonych przygód? Więc nie!


Your child has a huge imagination, so let it flow. Creativity in a child can be stimulated in many ways.

Reading picture books together, experimenting in the kitchen, walking in the woods and discovering new places – all this makes the child develop his imagination, ask questions, and joyfully create his little works of art. New experiences are important stimuli for children and allow them to develop better.

And we know well that there is nothing more important to you than the proper development of your toddler.[/vc_column_text]


You probably know that one of the ways to stimulate children’s imagination is to provide a properly designed, friendly space at home. Properly selected children’s furniture is very important. It is important that you plan where your child will play and learn as well to meet the September challenges. Are you looking for a safe desk for children? It doesn’t have to be another boring table. It could be something fancy!

Ecological, safe, unique!

This is what our desk-house from the ROOF collection is like. Ergonomic design means that the child does not have to slouch while creating new works and thus does not acquire postural defects. The materials used in the construction of the desk-house are ecological and meet all safety standards. The furniture is aesthetic, in a modern style, with a non-standard line – such a desk is not seen every day. This is an excellent deal: You buy a first-class product and your child gets a magical space for development and play.

The first desk for a child

The child uses the desk as it is most convenient for him. He can sit next to it, he can stand, and he can sneak somewhere under the table top, creating his impregnable fortress. A desk-house is a great way for your youngest child to have their own piece of furniture to learn and play.

The desk-house is perfect for the first children’s desk. It’s a desk for a girl and a desk for a boy. He can sit next to it, he can stand, and he can sneak somewhere under the table top, creating his impregnable fortress. A desk-house is a great way for your youngest child to have their own piece of furniture to learn and play. When your older son or daughter comes back from school and sits down to do their homework, the younger siblings can accompany them by creating wonderful drawings on their own desk!!

Borders, letters, or maybe numbers?

Nothing is terrible anymore! And when the duties are fulfilled, they will both happily turn the desk-house into an enchanted mansion, an impregnable castle or a witch’s hut – the only limit is their imagination.

Get ready for adventurous days with the desk-house! It is possible that your child will allow you to use this unique piece of furniture, but we cannot guarantee it.

Biurko jest uzależniające! Potrzebujesz krzesła biurkowego dla dziecka? Spójrz na nasze muzeum dla dziecka.