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5 simple ideas for fun that your child will love

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“I’m bored!” – if you are a parent, you have heard these words hundreds of times. What to do when you want your child to have fun? Remember that simple ideas are best because they stimulate the imagination and develop creativity. Use our tips and give your child great fun. Or maybe you will decide to join you kid?

Paper not only for drawing

A plain sheet of paper inspires many games. You can draw, paint and paste on it. You can fold airplanes and origami. You can make cutouts and cards. And you can also… make sounds out of it! It is enough to take care of the silence in the room and a pile of paper. Blow, fan and shake the cards together with your baby. Put them on the floor and tap the paper together with your fingertips. Hit with your whole hands – does this sound remind you of something? Check what the paper sounds like when you crimp it, and how when you tear it to pieces. Finally, crumple all the pages and have a paper snowball fight – perfect fun even in the middle of summer!

Bet on board games

Board games are great entertainment for long evenings. If you are bored with the ones you have at home, make your own! All you need is a large sheet of paper, crayons, stickers and markers. Think of the rules together, draw a board, think about what to make pawns from. Then play by modifying the rules as the game unfolds!

Playing with music is great!

There are many musical games that can keep a child occupied for hours. However, when you get bored of dancing, fitness, fashion shows and mini playback shows, try to look at the music from a different angle and create your own melodies! But not with a guitar, flute or keyboard. Hit the pots, lids, pans and spoons. Fill the boxes with buttons and fill glasses with water. And play – as beautiful as you can.

Make your own base

Children love to hide. Hiding places give them a sense of security and comfort, so create a unique base for your child. You need chairs, a blanket and battery lights. All you need to do is spread the blanket over the chairs and hang lamps inside. A base prepared in such a way is an enchanted hollow, castle dungeons and a hut in the forest! You can also use furniture from ours Roof Collection – models with a visor are perfect as a home hideout.

The floor is lava

You surely remember this game from your childhood. It is fabulously simple. You only need legs, furniture and a floor. See how long your child can move around the house without going to the ground. Pump up the fun by adding your own rules. Which piece of furniture is allowed only once? At what point can you change your position? Set up a lava obstacle race in your apartment and see who will be the fastest!

Playing with children – ideas

Even the most interesting toys and the best electronic gadgets will never replace your presence. Use our ideas or try your own to spend great time with your child while having fun. This is how your most beautiful memories will be made.

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