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3 tips on what not to do when arranging a boy’s room

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Are you arranging a room for a boy? It’s wonderful! It is a great opportunity for you and your child to create a friendly space that stimulates creativity and supports development. Only advantages, as long as you know how to arrange a boy’s room well. You probably have plenty of ideas, so we will not advise you on what to do, but what to absolutely NOT do when arranging a room for a child.

How to arrange a room for a boy?

Children’s room is a very graceful space to arrange. You can use a lot of ideas that are unlikely to work in adult rooms. On the market you will find a lot of furniture, furnishings and toys for a boy’s room. Therefore, when arranging a room for a boy, let your imagination run wild, following only these 3 simple rules:

 1. Don’t choose the color of the walls for him

… even if he dreams of pink, purple or any other color considered too “girly”. Hey, we live in the 21st century, a boy’s room can be decorated in any color. Even black can be interestingly integrated into a children’s room. The most important thing is that your child should feel at ease within its four walls.

2. Do not decide all by yourself what furniture to buy and where to put it

Because you won’t be using them. Since you are arranging a room for a child, ask your child for opinion. Even if you like to sleep with your head next to the window, your child may be disturbed. Or you think that the far corner will be the most convenient for play, and your son prefers to play in the middle of the room. Let him arrange children’s furniture and introduce your ideas only when you see that something will not really come true.

  1. Don’t forget to make his dream come true, not yours

In my day they did not make such furniture, such toys, such interior design elements … do you know it from somewhere? Because we do very well – out of your head! It is quite natural that as adults with a certain amount of money, we would like to pursue our childhood dreams. But never forget that you are arranging a room for a child, not for yourself. Therefore, make it possible for your child to decide about the interior of the room. Show your son photos of ready-made arrangements or take a walk to a furniture store. This way you will learn about your child’s tastes and you will be able to arrange a boy’s room according to his dreams.

ATTENTION – you are exempt from these rules if you arrange a baby’s room. In this case, we invite you to our article, where we advise you on how to prepare a room for the arrival of a new family member.

What furniture for a boy’s room?

Once you’ve chosen your wall colors and interior style, it’s time to match your furniture. It is important that they are of good quality, safe and functional, but also with a slight hint of madness. Original furniture in the children’s room stimulate the imagination and encourage crazy games. You can choose colorful children’s furniture, but we focus on classic wood.

A room for a boy will look fantastic with furniture from the ROOF collection. An adjustable bed with a sunshade is convenient and comfortable. Suitable for both younger and older children. It gives a sense of security at night and becomes a great base during the day.

Match our favorite desk-house to the bed. The functionality of this piece of furniture has almost exceeded our expectations. The younger child can draw and train his hand comfortably, the older one will do his first lessons. Setting the worktop-roof at an angle supports the child’s correct posture. And after school – time to play!

Perfect room for a boy

Or for a girl. We have to admit that we cheated a little. Because you have probably already guessed that the advice you read in this article can be used when arranging both a room for a boy and a girl? Perhaps you expected us to write: choose a car or train motif, carpet the floor with streets, and paint the walls blue? Well, we hope you haven’t been disappointed anyway.

In fact, it’s important to just listen to your child and then implement their ideas with common sense by selecting the highest quality materials, toys and children’s furniture. And you know what? We can help you perfectly in this last matter 😉

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